Pronouncing Negro with Two G’s by Joshua Noble                                               Picture the most embarrassingly clichéd human you can.  Make her unwashed, unshaved, uncombed, unsaved, uncouth and uneducated; any attribute that you would willingly bestow upon yourself (even the ones that you would never openly admit to desiring), put an un- in front of it and give […]

Son of a Bitch, and I Just Bought a Watch by Josh Noble                           Time is a circle                         a circle                                    a circle                                                made of redundancy upon redundancy.   The eternal encompassed by a sphere, neither big nor            small   unto itself.  It simply is.   Keep your particle waves and […]

BABOONS ON THE ROOF, And Other Fearsome Things by Josh Noble There’s baboons on the roof tonight, they’re drunk and looking for a fight. I think I’ll hide from them beneath my bed. Them baboons all are slinging stones and bits of feces mixed with bones, remnants from the shambles in my head. I don’t […]

Crazy John Wants to Know What Love Is by Josh Noble Crazy John sings For himself and for Jesus And all in his own head And all about Yvette. Sings and fumes Whistling inside like a teapot Bubbling Bubbling away His mouth pouring out Steaming might’ve beens. “It could’ve been It could’ve been this She’s […]

Roland Hicks on the Fall of Tiger Woods,  by Josh Noble Being a monologue of many parts with interpretive dance interludes.             Roland Hicks rides the bus every day he can afford a ticket, which isn’t always, but often enough that the drivers on the routes he takes know him by name.  We first met […]

Doom in a Stairwell by Josh Noble I saw it coming our hands clutching opposite ends of the same balustrade with its face made of God’s own fire and belly full of ice cold death. We eyeballed each other on the landing at the top of the stairs each thinking that the other might pass […]

I don’t want to be a good writer, I want to be a great writer. I want people who see me on the street to think I look kind of familiar, and lie to each other about having read my books. I want my readers to feel like that eight dollar price tag in the […]